Upcoming Events

Tuesday, August 14, 7-8:45 PM
“Open Mike Night!”

At our August meeting the tables will be turned. I would like each of the meeting attendees to tell about which apps they are using most frequently on the Mac, iPad, or iPhone. If you would like to demonstrate bring your device up to the front of the room and I will connect it to display on the TV. If you would rather have me demonstrate, I will do so. I will start the night off with a series of tips from one of my favorite blogs as well as from Apple support. I think you will find them very relevant.

This will work if the attendees are forthcoming. Remember, if you don’t want to do the presentation for your app or device, I will do it. Or, if you just have a question or 2 about any app, please ask. We will try to get an answer with the group helping.

We will meet at the Flossmoor Station. The program starts at 7:00 P.M. As usual, we will have the room starting at 6:00 P.M. for anyone who wants to eat before the meeting. Please feel free to bring a friend or a spouse or anyone interested in Apple products.