Upcoming Events

Tuesday, September 11th, 7-8:45 PM
“A Preview of Mac OS Mojave”

Apple will soon release the next version of the Mac OS (v. 10.14 and dubbed Mojave). At the September meeting we will preview the features of the new Mac OS.

As you may know, Apple is having a big event at their headquarters on Wednesday, September 12. We will also preview what Apple is likely to announce at that meeting. In recent weeks the details of the product announcements have leaked out. We will go over what the technology press have identified as the likely new iPhones, iPad, Mac mini and software products.

As you know, our longtime newsletter editor Walter Palmer passed away last months and Peggy Palmer, our secretary is moving to Kentucky. That means we have 2 positions to fill on our governing board. We actually have more than that since some of us are doing double duty. So we are reaching out to the membership to ask for volunteers to assist us. We have several ideas for expanding our membership but we need the people to help us do it. Please consider helping us when we reach out. It doesn’t require much time, just a couple of hours a month.

We will meet at the Flossmoor Station. The program starts at 7:00 P.M. As usual, we will have the room starting at 6:00 P.M. for anyone who wants to eat before the meeting. Please feel free to bring a friend or a spouse or anyone interested in Apple products.

Tuesday, September 18, Board meeting

Todd’s house. Agenda: Replacing Walter & Peg Palmer on board.

Tuesday, October 9th, Regular Meeting.
“Setting Up a New Computer”