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Tuesday, March 10, 2020, Regular Meeting:
Digitize Your Life!, by Jim Gerdy

It is easy. All it takes is hours of scanning and shredding. It all began with my 35mm slides, 50 years of family color slides. Then I scanned in all photos from all our albums. Next came my 350 LP records. These must be played to digitize them. Then all of my CDs. Recently, I did my taxes, from 1964 through 2018. Then I did all of our written medical records.

The only “paper” I kept is: degrees, diplomas, thesis, dissertation, family genealogy, and items that require original copies (Trust, Will, Power of Attorney for Property, Power of Attorney for Health Care, birth certificates, passports, car title). Everything is in the Apple cloud and backed up in the Evernote cloud, and an external hard drive.

Note to all members: if you have not paid your dues for 2020, please do so at the meeting. Rich Beil will be there to take your payment of $10. Thank you.

Mar 16: SSMUG Officers’ Meeting (Conference call)